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You can’t write about underground or independent hip-hop and not write about King Draper. Or at least I seemingly can’t. For the past couple years the man’s been a nearly constant presence in my journalistic exploits. And now, I’m sitting down again to review his latest 11 track project, “1992”.  The King hits me with dope music and I...READ MORE

Mixtape Review by Jamsphere

Skilly: Where did this all start? Tell us about your journey in the entertainment business.
King Draper: This musical venture started in the 7th grade when I started composing parts of other artists’ verses and making my own verses. I didn’t write my own music from scratch...READ MORE.

Skill Magazine Interview

Refreshed and refocused after a last year’s “Restitution”, King Draper rebounds back in 2017 with what could easily rank as his best work to date. As other emcees have fallen by the conscious curbside due to a number of diverse personal reasons or misguided mainstream pleas, this Birmingham, AL, native...READ MORE.

Album Review by Jamsphere

Draper (now King Draper after album release) is an Alabama emcee who strives to provide influence through his music. Draper aims to promote aspects of life you don’t normally get from this generation’s rappers such as love, unity, knowledge and authenticity. His music is a blend of conscious and lyrical content on top of...READ MORE.

Interview With Entertwine

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